Proxies for Annual Assembly 2024

The IPS General Assembly and the Annual Assembly of National Representatives will be held at the 17th International Peatland Congress in China on 8 August at 15:40 local time. Only those National Committees, that have submitted a proxy and paid their 2023 membership fees can vote.

Proxy holders are as follows, the deadlines were 25 June and 4 July but single proxies can be accepted later on.

Canada: Gerald Schmilewski
Estonia: Elar Abram
Finland: Sakari Sarkkola
Germany: Bernd Hofer
Ireland: Paddy Rowland
Lithuania: Anna-Helena Purre
Malaysia: Lulie Melling
Netherlands: Guus van Berckel
Sweden: Örjan Berglund
United States: Curtis Richardson


United Kingdom

Not allowed to vote:

Indonesia – 2023 not paid yet
Ukraine – 2023 not paid yet
Japan – 2023 not paid yet, withdrawn
Russia – embargoed, withdrawn