International Peat Journal no. 9

J. Rieley (Ed.)


bog, peat, peatland



A Morphological Investigation into the Structure of Milled Peat in Stockpiles
Sacha J. Mooney, Nicholas M. Holden, Shane M. Ward and James F. Collins

Atmospheric and Spectral Correction of LANDSAT TM Data to Estimate Wetland Surface Albedo:
A Case Study of Kushiro Mire, Hokkaido, Japan
Wenjing Zhao, Hidenori Takahashi and Masajuki Tamura

Streamflow, Water Quality and Substrate Conditions of a Drained Black Spruce Peatland, Quebec, Canada
Marcel Prevost and Andre P. Plamondon

Forest Resources of Finnish Peatlands in 1951-1994
Erkki Tomppo

Spatiotemporal Simulation o f Water and Nitrogen Dynamics as a Tool in Fen Restoration
Michael Trepel

Calibration of Thematic Mapper Imagery for Density Mapping of Production Bogs in Ireland
Eugene A. McGovern, Nicholas M. Holden, Shane M. Ward and James F. Collins

Tree Stand Structure on Pristine Peatlands and Changes After Forest Drainage
Juhani Paivanen

Ecosystem Recovery and Natural Degradation of Spilled Crude Oil in Peat Bog Ecosystems
of West-Siberia.
W. Bleuten, E. Eapshina, W. hens, V. Shinkarenko and E. Wiersma

Effects of Fertilization and Removal of Overstorey on Foliar Nutrient Status and Chlorophyll
Fluoresceence of Norway Spruce [Picea abies (L.) Karst.] Underwood on Drained Peatlands
M. Saarinen and T. Sarjala

Diversity of Vegetation in Pristine and Drained Forested Mire Margin Communities in Finland
Eeila Korpela

Effects on Hydrology and Surface Water Chemistry of Regeneration Cuttings in Peatland Forests
Lars Lundin

Past and Future Atmospheric Carbon Gas (C02, CH4) Exchange in Boreal Peatlands.
Jukka Alm, Atte Korhola, Jukka Turunen, Sanna Saamio, Hbgne Jungner, Kimmo Tolonen and Jouko Silvola