16.09.2020 15:52
Peatlands International 4.2019

Topics: Editorial: Emergency: Our house is on fire! European Peatland Strategies: International Workshop in Bonn Tallinn calling! Allan Robertson...

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19.06.2019 12:34
Impacts of the 2015 fire season on peat-swamp forest biodiversity in Indonesian Borneo

SUMMARY Southeast Asia’s tropical peat-swamp forests (PSFs) are important for biodiversity conservation, but decades of peat mis-management, illegal logging...

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19.06.2019 12:21
Sources of anthropogenic fire ignitions on the peat-swamp landscape in Kalimantan, Indonesia

SUMMARY Fire disturbance in Southeast Asian tropical peat swamps have become more frequent and extensive in recent decades. These...

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19.06.2019 12:19
Drivers of recurrent peatfire in riau and south sumatera, Indonesia

SUMMARY Riau province once has been blessed with about 4 million Ha peat forest, making it one of the...

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19.06.2019 12:11
Coastal peat mass movement and its effect on the terrestial carbon discharge to the ocean in Bengkalis island, Indonesia

Multi temporal high resolution satellite imagery was used to identify the peat-coastal setback of Bengkalis Island, Indonesia. Shuttle Radar...

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19.06.2019 12:08

SUMMARY   Southeast Asia has arguably seen the worst-ever, certainly the longest, peat-driven haze-smoke pollution between September and November...

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19.06.2019 12:07
The ring of fire: tackling Indonesia’s peatland fire dynamic

SUMMARY Peatlands are a significant component of the global carbon (C) cycle, yet despite their role as a long-term...

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19.06.2019 12:01
New Approach in Modelling Indonesian Peat Fire Emission

Peat fires are a serious problem for Indonesia, producing devastating environmental effects and making the country as the 3rd...

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19.06.2019 12:22
Spatial Groundwater Level Performance in the Tropical Peat of the Block C Area, Mega Rice Project, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Theme IX. Tropical peatlands SUMMARY Carbon emission from the abandoned field of the Mega Rice Project is one of...

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