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Welcome to the new IPS website!

We are glad you have found your way to the new IPS blog that will provide you with latest information on activities of the International Peatland Society. As you will have noticed, the IPS Secretariat, with support of Trimedia Oy, has completely revamped the website of our organisation this spring.

Since June, we can provide you with an open-access database of IPS proceedings, books and other publications, with up-to-date information on peat and peatlands written by our experts, and of course with a completely new layout and visual design.

This blog will be continuously updated with information mainly from the IPS Secretariat but also other writers, such as Executive Board members and other invited specialists. Please also use the “about us” section and just contact us, as most of our work is done via dozens of volunteers in our National Committees and Commissions.

We warmly invite you to read and share our information, to write and participate for our online contents, and to join as a member, if you are not yet.

Susann Warnecke, IPS Communications Manager