05.10.2021 11:27
IPS COP26 Peatland Networking Event 5 November

Welcome to the IPS networking event on 5 November! Peatland Partnerships in Climate Change Mitigation and Nature Recovery Location:...

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28.01.2021 14:33
Paint Your Peatland!

IPS Launches Art Competition for World Wetlands Day Raised bogs, fens, tropical peat swamp forest, cutover areas, birds, mosses,...

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07.01.2021 14:43
The highs of boggy flows in 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020, to what has been an incredibly and unpredictably challenging year in many ways...

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10.11.2020 14:28
Indonesia planning new Mega Rice Project

When President Habibie of Indonesia in 1999 closed down,  as a complete failure, the Mega Rice Project (MRP) in...

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23.10.2019 14:46
Consequences of Peatland Management in SE Asia

As I grow older, I see some things repeating themselves. It is as if human society never learns from...

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plant destination new
28.08.2019 13:29
Welcome to the new IPS website!

We are glad you have found your way to the new IPS blog that will provide you with latest...

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