International Peatland Society

A unique network of peat and peatland experts. We focus on all aspects of peatlands in economy, environment and society. Members come from science, NGOs and business.

This is the IPS


Constituted in 1968, in Québec, Canada. Today we are registered as non-profit NGO in Finland, supported by 16 national committees.


Individual, institutional and corporate members dedicated to the responsible management and Wise Use of peatlands and peat.


We serve as a forum to bring together experts from all fields of peat and peatland management, worldwide and equally.


We organize events, publish peat and peatland knowledge, share data and provide facts and opinions for decision-making.

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Our Conferences and Related Events

20.12.2023 08:56
IPS analyses “Empower nature, climate and future now!” Antwerp Statement

Statement of the IPS to the Declaration of the “Power to the Peatlands” conference 19th to 21st September 2023,…

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22.09.2023 08:37
Preparation of IPS Elections 2024

Updated 16 February 2024 STATUS President: No nomination 1st Vice President (legally important, deputy to above): No nomination 2nd…

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02.02.2023 08:23
Örjan Berglund First Scientific Officer for the International Peatland Society

PRESS RELEASE On the occasion of World Wetlands Day 2023 Örjan Berglund First Scientific Officer for the International Peatland…

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