08.02.2023 09:32
Peatlands International 3.2021

Contents: Editorial: Our road to Glasgow Why are international conventions and agreements important for the responsible management of peatlands...

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08.02.2023 09:27
Peatlands International 2.2021

Contents: Editorial: Recovery is on its way Extracts from the International Peatland Congress Successful IPS-INAR Peatland Restoration Webinar Sphagnumfarm...

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21.10.2021 12:09
Peatlands International 4.2020

Editorial: Peatland certification paving the way Successful UNEP Accreditation for IPS Apply for the Allan Robertson Grants 2021! What...

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21.10.2021 12:10
Peatlands International 3.2020

16th International Peatland Congress Editorial: Peatlands & COVID-19 by Marko Pomerants COVID-19 in our member countries: impacts on companies,...

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25.01.2021 10:44
Peatlands International 1.2020

16th International Peatland Congress postponed to 2021 Candidates to the IPS Executive Board Allan Robertson Grants 2020 UNFCCC COP25...

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14.05.2020 15:27
Growing media for food and quality of life in the period 2020-2050

Citation: Blok e.a. 2020. (Growing media for food and quality of life in the period 2020-2050.) Acta horticulturae, in...

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19.06.2019 12:32
From conversion of waste to production of growing media constituents; change of focus

SUMMARY Peat is by far the most important constituent for growing media. Nowadays (organic) residues from various sources, are...

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19.06.2019 12:32
Opportunities and challenges of farming sphagnum as a growing media constituent in Germany

SUMMARY Its outstanding physical, chemical and biological properties make peat the most important growing-media constituent for commercial growers and...

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19.06.2019 12:07
China: The next huge peat and growing media market in the world

SUMMARY   The demand for peat for different uses in China is estimated according to the crop area and...

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19.06.2019 12:51
Perspectives of sphagnum farming in the Kolkheti lowland (Georgia): first results

The cultivation of Sphagnum biomass as an alternative to the extraction of fossil white peat enables the long term...

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