10.06.2022 13:00
New Executive Board Elected

The IPS has elected a new Executive Board at its Annual Assembly. Members are: 2022-2024 Marko Pomerants, President Guus...

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11.03.2022 11:14
IPS Response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Statement by the Executive Board To download the statement as PDF file: https://peatlands.org/document/eb-statement-ukraine The International Peatland Society is deeply...

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11.01.2022 14:41
Executive Board Elections 2022

Wanted: Five New Executive Board members! IPS National Committees are kindly asked to submit their nominations for the IPS...

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20.10.2021 15:56
More exciting facts on Peat and Peatlands

The IPS offers further resources on its website, via its publications, events, commissions and expert groups. Do not hesitate...

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20.10.2021 15:22
Peatland Restoration and Rehabilitation

Degraded peatlands are being restored in many parts of the world. These include areas impacted by humans, as well...

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20.10.2021 15:11
Peat and Peatlands in relation to Economy and Society

Peatlands are important for the environment and climate, but their role with regard to the economy and society is...

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20.10.2021 14:35
Open document database

Since 2019, the IPS has had its own fully-open document database. The database contains articles from IPS conference proceedings,...

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20.10.2021 13:07
Peatlands International Mag

The IPS publishes its own magazine four times a year. The 40-60 page publication consists of reports written by...

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20.10.2021 13:32
Mires and Peat Journal

Mires and Peat is the joint peer-reviewed journal of the International Peatland Society (IPS) and the International Mire Conservation...

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20.10.2021 13:37
Peatlands and Climate Change – 2008 and 2021

Peatlands interact with climate through the uptake and release of greenhouse gases (GHGs). These are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane...

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